Duct Cleaning Service Includes:

Vent Register Cleaning: The registers are the grills that are attached at the end of the duct work openings which direct the air into your home. During the duct cleaning service, the registers are gently removed, washed thoroughly and re-installed by our technicians.

Decontamination and Cleaning of Air Ducts: The DuctMaster cleaning equipment brushes and circulates throughout all of the duct work in your home. This state of the art equipment provides a complete removal of the dirt and debris in your duct work.

Application of Sealer and Deodorizer: Solutions are applied to trap and remove fine particles that may be hiding in small crevices of the air ducts. This process ensures cleaner air and removal of buildup.

Sterilization and Odor Removal: To complete cleaning of the duct work, our equipment sterilizes, neutralizes and removes odor from the duct and your entire home.


Additional Services Available:

Air Handler Cleaning:

The Air Handler is the central unit of the air conditioning/ heating system which blows air throughout your home. Air is pulled from the return registers, is cooled or heated, then flows through the ducts and is distributed through the registers and into your home. Over time, the Air Handler collects dust, pet hair and debris which can slow down your system, contaminate the ducts and compromise the air quality in your home. All of the air in your home makes its way through the Air Handler which is why we recommend it should be cleaned. Ask our air duct service technician to inspect your Air Handler to see if it also needs to be cleaned.

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

We recommend cleaning your dryer vent at least once every year. Lint can build up in the dryer and duct, causing the airflow from the dryer to become extremely low. The restricted airflow will cause the dryer to run inefficiently, overheat and can potentially lead to a fire. Ask our air duct service technician to inspect your dryer vent to see if it also needs to be cleaned.


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